Stream of conciousness


I just love Autumn. It’s my favourite season. I would like to think I am a girl for all seasons, but I’m really not. Summer exhausts me.

Something comes alive in me as the candyfloss skies and rusty coloured leaves appear on the trees for Autumn. I have even welcomed the MANY ladybirds back to the sash windows of my flat, where they have been squirreled away, or come back to. I don’t know where or what they actually do, but Hi again little ladybirds. It’s Halloween and you have all come to say hello. But please don’t turn up in my stir-fry again. You took it too far that day.

I haven’t written on my blog for ages. I thought about apologising for that, and then I was like, ‘calm down Lorns, with your ego. Nobody is waiting for it’.

I didn’t purposely stop blogging. I just really haven’t had much to say. My health has not been/is not good, but I’m managing. And I went freelance, like actually properly freelance, with an accountant and a unique taxpayer gateway code. I still dress like mutton dressed as toddler though, and I am kind of happy about that, and the day I got a new accountant, I went to McDonalds after the meeting and had a happy meal, just to address the balance.

My freelance work has introduced me to lots of new people. I mean, I met Bubbles from Ab Fab. I have like, totally made it, right?  I worked on a Gynae Cancer Awareness Month, and it blew my mind. The take home fact from that was ‘Get your smears, and know your body’ – important message. Store it, act on it. Letters in a drawer cost lives.

Oh, and I got a new car after finally getting back on the road. I worry about the environment, but my goodness I love driving to my favourite Chinese takeaway for noodles. They won’t deliver unless over 15 quid, and binge eating dumplings really isn’t going to help me right now. Although maybe it will. Who knows, but anyway, my new car is a Toyota IQ and looks exactly like the car emoji.

Life is a bit bad but also really good. It makes me wonder really, how I can be having this rubbish health woe happening inside my body, and live with chronic pain, yet still feel a joy and a optimism about things. I think I must just be a glass half full kind of girl.

I turned 43, but I still call myself a girl. My Nan called herself a girl until she died in her 80s, so if she can do it, I will too.

I’m currently blogging in bed whilst my cleaner is in. it’s either very tragic, or very Downton. She keeps tutting from the other room and I feel a bit embarrassed…

That’s all really. Today the aim was to write something. I didn’t really care what. Reason being my brain has been overloaded and I needed to start getting back to doing my own writing. So here it is.

Have a happy Saturday..


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